Tuesday, May 27, 2014

For the Moment

Early in our relationship, the girlfriend made mention of a job opportunity that she was looking into overseas.   I didn't think much of it at the time, as it seemed like one of those dream jobs that people fantasize about but never actually get.

A few weeks later, she mentioned that she had an interview.

A few days after that, she was offered the job.

At the time, the relationship was still new - too new for me to tell her that I wanted her to stay without sounding like a crazy person.  Too new for her to turn down the amazing job opportunity without sounding like a crazy person.  So she accepted the job.  And now there is less than three months until she flies to a foreign country, where she'll remain for the next three years.

If I were being completely logical, I would end things right now.  I would thank her for the past few months, give her back the guitar that has taken up permanent residence in my living room, extract her favourite CD from my car stereo, and begin the process of moving on with my life.  But since when has logic had any say in love? 

So instead, against the advice of multiple friends, I'm going to spend the next few months enjoying every moment I can with her.  Because she's awesome.  And I seem to be incapable of any logical thought when it comes to her.


Your Doctor's Wife said...

There's nothing wrong with enjoying these last few months. Enjoy the time, and you never know what curve balls life will bring either one of you... now or three years from now. Life's funny that way. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah. I did the same thing. Started seeing someone, mentioned I was interested in working overseas again. I was making most of my applications in my country and when an opportunity opened up elsewhere, I applied for that. It was a close call, but when offered, I took the job overseas. He was very kind and encouraging about the opportunities, which helped a lot. Oddly it also did help that he admitted he felt sad and that in many ways he didn't want me to go. I liked that he was honest with me about his feelings for me.

We have the benefit in that flights are only a couple of hours, but we have totally different working hours as he usually works weekends while I do standard office hours. We worked out when we could see each other and whenever he visited, or I went back, it was lovely.

My job is only short-term, but having emigrated for it, I am much more open to moving again to a different, nearby country for similar work. I have admitted this to him. I think it's good that we kept our relationship alive for this time, even having only seen each other once a month or every two months. I feel it's better to know what I have with this person and by now I can make a more informed choice about staying together, or breaking up. It'll hurt more, but at least I *know* how I feel now, and I have a better impression of the difficulties facing us in terms of where we go from here. I guess I'm not saying it's better or worse to try for a long distance relationship or to cut things off now, only that some peace can be found either way. Because like you say... it's not the most logical thing to do... but when was the heart ever logical? Love can be a beautiful madness.

Strawberry said...

Life is short...you may as well enjoy as many moments of happiness as you can. I'm sorry though...that sucks, especially since things seem like they're been going so well.

Congrats on the exam though!

OMDG said...

Why on earth would you want to be logical???

It could work, even with distance. Just saying.