Monday, January 27, 2014

Still Alive

Although the absence of posts would suggest otherwise, I think about this blog regularly.  There are things in my life and in the bigger world that I would like to write about, but by the end of a long day of work followed by a long evening of study I have nothing left.  On good days I crash in front of the tv to unwind before sleep; on bad days I go directly from study desk to bed. 

Despite this, I'm not unhappy.  I'm focusing on the tiny pleasures in life - good music on my ride into work, hot chai from Starbucks in the afternoon, the momentary endorphin rush from an evening run - and doing so is keeping me sane.  My friends check in on me regularly via Facebook or text messages, and they remind me that there is a world beyond this.  When my exams are over in 123 days or less*, there is life to be lived again.

In the past, I've always viewed challenge and struggle as things to be endured.  As I go through this exam preparation phase - which will likely be the last prolonged study period of my life - I'm trying instead to remember that there is value in what I'm going through.  I'm learning things from my studies that are far more important than which antibiotics to give to HIV-positive patients with multidrug resistant tuberculosis.  When I finally come up for air in 123 days or less, I may just write about them.

*I won't find out the date of my oral exam for a few more months, but 123 days would take me to the absolute last exam date.


On a completely unrelated note, have you seen this video?  Love it!


Thatgirl said...

My best friend saw Mary Lambert open for Tegan and Sara and promptly fell in love with her, which meant she told me that I had to listen to her. She's great, have you listened to any of her spoken word stuff? So charming :)

Keep going! And good luck with your studying. Hopefully after the exam you'll be able to take a trip or find some way to unwind!

Solitary Diner said...

Thatgirl - I just discovered that Mary Lambert was more than just the singer on Same Love last night. I live under a bit of a rock. I definitely want to listen to more of her stuff as time permits.

dolce vita said...

Good luck! I've my exams in June-Step 1s :) Glad to see the exams don't go away after we graduate ;)

surgeon s. said...

Hang in there. 123 days will be behind you in a flash. Also, isn't chai the best?

McPolish said...

Sending good vibes your way--you'll be so well prepared. those exams will be a piece of cake. And when they're over, if you want, you can EAT some cake. Or hell, eat some cake now. You deserve it.